The Chair offers courses addressed to professionals in the field of entotechnologies for the development of continuing education.


Introduction to the production of edible insects

This course, given periodically at GÉGEP Lévis-Lauzon, offers an overview of all the components (circular economy, food inputs, production of two species of edible insects (black soldier flies and mealworm), primary and secondary processing, market development).

In partnership with MAPAQ's technological showcase/Tricycle

Autumn 2021: 16th et 23rd of November

Winter 2022: 21st et 28th of February

The Chair is proud to contribute to the discovery and teaching of the field of entotechnology among our young people. This is why we have partnered with the Institute on Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) to offer a teaching course in the summer camps to the young next generation.

Presentation: Upcycling of agro-food residues by the production of black soldier flies

Aliment'Terre [10 to 12 years old]

Jeunes foodies [13 to 15 years old]

The Chair undertook mentoring activities at Neufchâtel secondary school with students of the secondary 4 international education program as part of an environmental awareness and education workshop.

As part of its teaching component, the Chair has set up courses and modules offered to undergraduate students to ensure the development of knowledge of this sector.

Course: Les insectes comestibles (de la ferme à la table), (informations to come)

Module Physiologie de la reproduction, Autumn 2021 - SAN-2202

Module Entomologie agricole, Autumn 2021 - PLG-1102

Module Productions animales durables, Autumn 2021 - SAN-1003

Initiation à la recherche - SAN-3303

Microprogramme en agroécologie, (informations to come)

Urbain agriculture program

The Chair is pleased to contribute to the Programme d'Agriculture urbaine offered to the students of CÉGEP de Victoriaville, by presenting a course module (1h30) at the winter session of each year. The course offers an overview of all the components (circular economy, food inputs, production of black soldier flies, primary and secondary processing, market development).