CLEIC is a strategic investment that allows the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA) to increase its activities which are divided into 3 components, namely:


Education & training

The objective is to offer courses to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, to promote knowledge in entotechnology sector among agronomists and meet the pressing and growing demand for highly qualified personnel in the industry. In addition, a continuous education program is being developped, accessible to the various stakeholders in the sector (summer school, introductory course in insect production, etc). This contributes to the maintenance and improvement of Quebec industrial quality in the sector. 

Transfer & leadership

The objective is to multiply the number of service offers (establishment of a sector table, strategic and training workshops, technology watch, conferences, etc.) and to align faculty actions with the needs of the community.

Research & development

The objective is to ensure that R&D projects in this new field of activity (upcycling of residues by insects) pcan be undertaken in the long term. By continuing his R&D program, the new professor will also make it possible to increase training offers at the 2e et 3e cycle integration into research projects, improvement of courses already offered to graduate students).

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